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NextSaaS Logo

Crafted on Next.js 14 with a Full-Featured CMS, Docs, Newsletter and More

The All-In-One Boilerplate to Transform Your Product into SaaS in Hours


Join with 100+ Founders

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Launch your MVP in weeks hours

Simplify, Accelerate, Prosper! Our all-in-one solution spares you integration hassles, saving 160+ development hours. Experience end-to-end deployment and instant profitability, tailored for SaaS founders like you.

All In One
All In One

Everything you need to start profiting instantly

  • Social logins and passwordless sign in
  • Internationalization and Localization
  • Activation code creation/redemption integrated with AppSumo
  • Full-featured build-in Content Management System
  • 20+ themes including dark mode
  • Subscription management
  • 60+ custom components
  • Transactional emails
  • Account management
  • Preview emails
  • Docs/Wiki pages
  • Payment system
  • Newsletter
  • Admin UI
Quality Focus, Easy To Scale
Quality Focus, Easy To Scale

Unmatched Quality with TypeScript, SEO, Forms and Schema Validation

  • Server-side components with Next 14 app directory
  • TypeScript enforced for even config files
  • Form and Schema validation
  • SEO-optimized
Everlasting Value, Not Just Once
Everlasting Value, Not Just Once

Embark on the beauty of an everlasting startup journey

  • Extensive documentation, facilitating a quick SaaS bootstrap while providing the context for seamless ongoing development.
  • Hassle-free deployment to platforms such as Vercel/Netlify/Docker
  • Ongoing Updates and Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Analytics

Our Tech Stack

Your favorite tech stack seamlessly integrated, industry best practices meticulously followed – experience hassle-free integration like never before.


App Router, React Server Components, Advanced Routing, Nested Layouts, and Built-in SEO Support.

Prisma ORM

Connect to your favorite databases such as MySQL and MongoDB with automated migrations, type-safety & auto-completion


Effortless, Secure, and Scalable Authentication designed for Next.js.

Tailwind CSS

Utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.

Headless UI

Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS

Daisy UI

The most popular component library for Tailwind CSS. 30+ themes are included


Simplified Payments, Endless Possibilities

React Email

The next generation of writing emails. A collection of high-quality, unstyled components for creating beautiful emails using React and TypeScript


TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference

Next Themes

An abstraction for themes in your Next.js app


A full-featured static CMS system with AI completion


Build forms in React, without the tears

How it works?

git clone & npm run start

  • Make a purchase

  • Receive a link to download repository

  • Launch

See your website live today, instant profitability

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Launch plan


Pay once, use for unlimited projects!

Next.js boilerplate
Activation code creation/redeemption (Compatible with AppSumo)
Social logins (including email and passwordless login)
Stripe payments (recurring or one-time product)
Full-featured build-in CMS
Subscription management
Account management
Animated components
Transactional emails
Docs/Wiki pages
Preview emails
SEO optimized
Admin UI

Boost plan


Pay once, use for unlimited projects, lifetime updates!

Everything in Launch Plan
Lifetime updates (Last updated: 2 DAYS AGO)
Access to the GitHub repository
One year Premium Support via email

Frequent questions and answers

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What is NextSaaS?

NextSaaS is a groundbreaking all-in-one solution designed to empower SaaS founders in building and scaling their projects. It offers an integrated development environment, deployment tools, and features to accelerate your journey.

My app is built on a different tech stack, can I still use NextSaaS?

Absolutely, as long as you are comfortable with Next.js and React. NextSaaS boilerplate is agnostic to the tech stack; you can connect it to any databases, email provider, etc.

What exactly am I getting?

You will receive a copy of but for a more generic use case. The website has everything you need to merchandise your MVP immediately, including but not limited to social and passwordless logins, checkout and payment system integrated with Stripe, subscription/account management, transactional emails, SEO readiness, web analytics, themes, admin UI, plus detailed documentation for you to get started. I also made it config-driven so that you don't need to drill down into details.

Can I customize the themes in NextSaaS?

Absolutely! NextSaaS provides a diverse set of 20+ themes, including dark mode, that you can fully customize to match your brand and user interface preferences.

Using App Router or Page Router?

In short, both. The main app is built on App Router, and docs are hosted on Page Router.

How often is NextSaaS updated?

I update NextSaaS constantly with the most voted features. I also use this boilerplate to bootstrap all my projects.