Content Management System

Content Management System


Powered by Outstatic, the NextSaaS boilerplate comes with a full-featured built-in Content Management System.

How does it work

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The NextSaaS CMS provides you with a user interface to create and edit website content. There is no need for a database or server setup; all the data is added to your GitHub repository.

To see the changes on your website, you'll need to wait until Vercel finishes deploying it. If you are developing your site locally, you'll need to pull the changes to see them on your dev environment.

By default, the NextSaaS boilerplate has two collections: posts and pages, with examples for each. You can find them under oustatic/content.

When a new post is published, it will automatically show up at https://localhost:3000/posts (opens in a new tab). You can find more examples here: (opens in a new tab). You can also tag a post, and the NextSaaS boilerplate will take care of pagination and render them in a nice UI.

When a new page is published, it will automatically show up in the footer under the section "Pages." Here is an example page: (opens in a new tab).

Integrate CMS with GitHub

You just need to set up these environment variables:

# Setup Environment Variables for Outstatic

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